About Us



Texas Regional Para Sport is the ultimate resource for developing communities, encouraging athletes and promoting grass root programs for adapted sports throughout the State of Texas for individuals with physical and visual disabilities.


Today, there are more than 21 million Americans living with a physical disability, including tens of thousands of military personnel and veterans that have sustained serious injuries.

Texas Regional Para Sport is working in the Texas region to help grow opportunities for these individuals to participate in ongoing sports and recreation programs at the community level. Programs in the Texas region are growing and include both recreational and competitive sports activities.


The U.S. Olympic Committee’s Paralympic Division is partnering with community leaders in five geographic regions for targeted growth of opportunities for individuals with physical and visual disabilities to participate in daily physical activity. The five areas of focus are in Texas, New England, Chicago, the Southeast and the West.


In each region, a local partner works to support existing community programs by assisting with participant recruitment, hosting camps, clinics, competitions, coaching education, and coordinating events and activities that are aligned withexisting programs in the region.


The USOC offers assistance in development of philanthropic, governmental, corporate and media resources.  The goal of all activities within each region is to expand the availability of quality sport and physical activity programs for physically and visually impaired youth and adults, with a primary emphasis on involving permanently injured veterans.


United States Paralympic Integrated Adaptive Sports Program

The U.S. Olympic Committee’s Paralympic Division was asked by Congress and Veteran Service Organizations in 2007 to lead the U.S. Paralympic Integrated Adaptive Sports Program and ensure that physical activity opportunities exist for disabled veterans and service members at the community level.

The program combines funding from the Department of Veterans Affairs with financial, personnel and program support from the USOC and many partner organizations to provide Veterans with Paralympic sport programming throughout the country.