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November 5, 2020
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Electric Airsoft Guns Compared to Springers

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When you are looking at getting a hold of an airsoft gun, you might ask yourself what the real difference is between a spring airsoft gun and an electric airsoft gun. Are the electric ones really that much better? Well let us look at a comparison between these two types of extreme sports gear.


Consistent with other airsoft guns, these guns are made to look like the real thing. Now, some of the cheaper ones are made of everyday plastic, and can sometimes be easily spotted by their low quality parts. These guns aren't really what airsoft enthusiasts call "airsoft guns". They are really just toys. But when you look at higher end, full metal springers, you will see the close attention to detail, and the life-like action these guns present. But the key distinction that you get with a springer, is that it is completely manual. This means there is less moving parts to worry about, but you will be forced to cock the gun every time you want to fire. This can be detrimental when you are in the middle of a high action competitive game.

This is indeed a drawback, but when you look at the other side of the coin, these guns are cheaper, easier to operate, and require no additional batteries, gas canisters or otherwise. Just load, cock and fire.

Electric Airsoft Guns (some of them are called AEGs)

As with springers, these guns use a spring as the main propulsion method of the ammo. The key difference here, is that these guns use batteries, sometimes high end lithium ion batteries, combined with an electronic cocking system, to load and cock the gun. In a nutshell, you will be able to have a semi-automatic or fully automatic gun. So the best thing to do here, is to have several sets of batteries in your tactical gear, thus giving you a back-up when your main batteries fail.

The limitation that you fact with this type of gun is battery failure. You can, however, have four or five sets of rechargeable batteries, use them as back-ups, and when you are finished with your mil sim, come back to the house and recharge them. This will limit your battery expense. But the advantage of being able to fire repeatedly during a match is a huge plus for you.

Bottom line, consider your budget, and the level of play you want to engage in, before choosing whether to go with a springer or an electric airsoft gun.


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