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September 24, 2020
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Carrom Foosball Tables Add Pizzaz To The Game

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Cross marketing in business today is very popular, one company uses another brands success to market their own items. This is normally a win-win situation for both companies. One of the largest brands that is marketed this way is Harley Davidson. Though a Harley is THE American motorcycle, you can find many other Harley Davidson items. This ranges from the obvious motorcycle accessories and clothing, to knives and trucks. But the latest thing that I ran across with Harley branding is a foosball table by Carrom Foosball tables.

If you like foosball and Harley's, then this is the table for you. It comes in the black and orange that is Harley's trademark colors, with a really cool playing field. The unique playfield has a metal tread plate look (though, obviously, it is flat), with the Harley logos along the side of the field with flames extending down both sides of the field from the logos. On these Carrom foosball tables, the players are orange and black, and the playing rods are chrome-plated steel, that adds to the overall look of the table. The Harley Davidson logo and flames are applied to the sides of the tables using high quality graphics and screen printed using enamel for wear resistance. Everything about this table is designed not only for top quality, but also to enhance the look of the table, all the way down to the adjustable metal feet with black rubber leg boots, which is perfect for leveling the table and eliminates any table movement that is often associated with a screw in leg leveler.

Now, besides motorcycles, Americans love their cars and NASCAR is the number one spectator sport in America. It is also very common to see a large variety of NASCAR items for sale in many stores that have nothing to do with cars. I was in a local hardware store recently and saw NASCAR clocks. So it shouldn't be too surprising that Carrom also offers a Licensed NASCAR foosball table.

NASCAR Carrom foosball tables feature artwork by renowned motor sport artist Sam Bass. Three cars race down the side, with the NASCAR emblem and the artists signature. The graphics are digitally printed with a baked UV coating, allowing for a wonderful finish that will last for years. The players are red and blue and are designed to look like NASCAR drivers. Both wood beaded scoring racks are done in black.

So, if you like foosball and are a NASCAR or Harley Davidson fan, then one of these Carrom foosball tables is perfect for you. Both of these foosball tables have three player goalies for tournament style play They are both high quality tables, though the Harley table has some higher grade features that makes it a bit more expensive. But you know that with the Carrom brand, you are getting a quality table at any price point. Carrom has been in the family game business for over 100 years, and they bring their expertise and knowledge to all of their products. Game rooms should be fun, and the special design on these tables adds that extra spark of fun to the game.


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