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September 9, 2020
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Pro Boxing Gloves for Hand Protection and Protection of the Opponent

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Men, and women too have been engaging in the sport of boxing for centuries, and most of that time they have been making use of pro boxing gloves to protect their hands and prevent extensive injury to the opponent.

It was the Greeks who used leather strips to protect the fragile and rather small bones of the hand while participating in this traditional sport. Due to the disrespect for the sport of Romans who maimed and killed hundreds by attaching metal studs and spikes to their gloves, the sport was curtailed for some time, until it was revived in the 1600s.

The Queensbury Rules brought in padded pro boxing gloves and these have been used ever since for added enjoyment and protection during the game of boxing.

Characteristics of boxing gloves vary depending on the particular weight of the gloves in question. The heavier the gloves the safer they are to use, but this added weight can take the advantage away from boxers by making it harder and slower to swing them at the other boxer. At different times during a boxing career, the individual wearing this type of glove will use different weights in their gloves.

For instance, a boxer who is in training or sparring with a partner may prefer to use heavier weight gloves to reduce the amount of injury they cause to those who are helping them to become the best boxer they can be.

However, during formal matches, it is typical to use lighter weight pro boxing gloves to wreak the most havoc on their opponent. Different genders may also use different weight gloves in order to reduce the amount of injury as well, and so do newly training athletes who are engaged in tournament boxing.

Since the most frequent type of injury that occurs to boxers involves the hands, wearing the right pair of boxing gloves can go a long way toward the protection needed to help them stay in the game.

Pro boxing gloves, when combined with the correct hand wraps are intended to prevent the hands from receiving injuries by stabilizing the wrist and hand area. When used properly, during all phases of training as well as competition, boxing gloves will provide many years of conditioning as well as time in the ring.

When you are ready to invest in quality protection for your hands, choose from the wide array of boxing gloves for each type of training and fighting.

Heavier weight bag and training pro boxing gloves typically weigh between 12 and 22 ounces, and are intended to allow the fighter to training while punch away on a heavy bag or training pads held by a trainer.

Fight and sparring gloves are generally around 10 ounces in weight and lace up and tie securely to prevent them from falling off during a round. They are used in both professional as well as amateur bouts and come in red and blue colors.

It is important that pro boxing gloves are fitted to the size of the user's hands in order to provide best protection, and some even come with a thumb lock feature that is intended to help protect this important appendage as well as the eyes of the opponent.


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